Setauket Patient Testimonials

At Thrive Medical in Setauket, we’re here to help you live in your best health. To that end, we believe in providing collaborative, personalized care that’s designed just for you. As an independent provider, we are governed by our own priorities. These include multiple services in one location, outstanding customer services and the focused, one-on-one care you and your family depend on.

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Thrive Medical is one of the most professional and well-coordinated health care practices I’ve ever dealt with. From the moment you step through the door you are recognized and greeted with a smile by the friendly, welcoming front desk staff. After an initial medical evaluation and further testing on site, you will be offered a range of services that focus on your specific physiological needs. Every session starts with a warm and genuinely concerned, “How are you feeling today?” and then proceeds with treatment that zeroes in on your particular area of discomfort.

Services are efficiently scheduled to avoid any wait time. A ten-o-clock appointment begins at ten-o-clock. Patients are then moved fluidly from service to service with their personal comfort and care always considered first. Range of motion and other testing are done regularly to note progress, and the results are explained and discussed with you by the professionals who work directly with you.

If your aches and pains are slowing you down I highly recommend this team of skilled professionals and truly compassionate people to help improve your day to day functioning and quality of life. Action Medical has literally gotten me back into action!

Jane Hayes
Patient since August, 2019

I have been a patient at Thrive Medical for a number of years and highly recommend anyone looking for a sports and rehab facility to consider using them. The whole staff from the receptionists, the nurse practitioner and all the therapists are very friendly and professional. The whole office is very accommodating of your time and physical needs.


I have been a patient of Thrive Medical for almost 2 years. Initially I was referred to them by a colleague because she suffered from intense migraines as well and found that they were able to offer her relief from her symptoms. I will admit that I was skeptical because I had not found anyone who was able to treat my ongoing headaches which I had since I was a teenager. Over the years the headaches increased in frequency and severity and it was something that I had just learned to live with.

On my first visit I felt that I was in a place that really cared and LISTENED to me. I knew that Doreen was different from the first moment that I met with her. I felt that I finally met someone who understood me and took me seriously when I described my symptoms. Doreen is compassionate, down to earth, positive and witty. She made me feel more like a friend than a patient and I knew that I was it the right place. The changes that I have experienced are remarkable. I did not think that it was possible to achieve this level of health. The headaches that I used to have were so unbelievably severe, there were times that I felt that I had a poor quality of life. The anxiety of the possibility of getting a migraine made me feel non- functioning. I am not completely headache free however I literally can count on my fingers how many I have had in the past 2 years. I feel that this was something that wasn’t possible for me.

Everyone at the front desk is friendly and makes you feel welcome. Hailey and Chris are so accommodating in helping make appointments that fit into your schedule. They all  really appear to love where they are working. Erin was able to help me navigate my health insurance company so that I was able to receive the best level of care. Her knowledge of the health care system made my visits effortless. She handled everything for me. I cannot say how happy that I am to have found Thrive Medical. I constantly refer friends and family to this amazing practice.